Friday, July 13, 2007

Watts v. Noriega in the Blogosphere

This morning as I was reading readers comments on various blogs, focusing in on one very curious commenter on StopCornyn, I started to wonder where were the pro-Watts blogs? Focused as I am on getting Rick Noriega on the November ballot for US Senator from Texas, I confess not to be very concerned with what people are saying about Watts on pro-Watts blogs.

Frankly, I don’t care, so why waste my time?

But this curious commenter got me to thinking. I’ve seen pro-Watts comment trolls on various pro-Noriega sites, and neutral sites as well. I suspect that many of the comments, left under different names are actually from the same person, mainly because the talking points are always the same, but also because it’s hard to disguise your writing style. So I suspect that there are those out there making it look like Watts has more supporters than he actually does.

And THAT led me to ask this: where are the pro-Watts blogs?

So I googled it on Google Blogs using keywords ‘watts for senate texas’.

Page one got the big guys and the non-committed blogs that just report the races without taking any sides. Ones that focused on Watts’ money, and ones that focused on Noriega’s imminent formal announcement of his own exploratory committee.

And one posting on why David Van Os is supporting Rick Noriega.

Page two reveals the first pro-Watts blogs I could find. Two of the three postings are ones by the same person written on the same day, and another by someone who self-labels as a progressive. An anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-embryonic stem cell research progressive.

The rest on page 2 are either non-committal or unrelated. One posting profiles Watts but curiously points out his shortcomings as well.

And another blogger who supports Noriega.

On page 3 I found mainly pro-Noriega postings, including my own, a few neutral postings, and then one that at first glance, looks neutral, but then upon further investigation is posted on an anti-lawyer blog.

Page 4 has NO pro-Watts blog posts, but plenty of pro-Noriega ones. Oh, that’s right, there is one pro-Watts post on page 4. Take a look at it here. Scroll down to the bottom to read the last line. That’s right: “Paid for by Watts for Senate Exploratory Committee”.


That’s something we are going to be learning in this race: friends can be bought.


YaGottaLoveIt said...

Very curious indeed. Perhaps Watts should hire somebody who is internet savvy to remedy the situation.

Hal said...

Good point. I had the idea that that position was filled.

Anonymous said...

Could you all post on this thread. We need to get the word out on this one:

Hal said...

Already did Bubba. Already did.


Anonymous said...

That Walker Report post looks like it's just a cut and paste of a press release that was sent out.

So, it has the disclaimer from that.

Hal said...

Maybe, maybe not. Ever taken a bit of text from somewhere and only pasted a portion of it?

I have.

If it wasn't paid for by the campaign, why put that last sentence up?

Nice try, though.

YaGottaLoveIt said...

I thought Eddie Rodriguez was a big Watts supporter, but I can't find where he even mentions Watts on his blog "The Red State". Actually, it doesn't look like anything's been posted since February. Is the blog still active?

Anonymous said...

I thought Rodriguez was the one angling for a spot w/ Team Watts, is that wrong? I'm not being snarky or anything, I just thought that was mentioned all over BOR and he's been posting lots of pro-Watts pieces since March or so. Just curious if he was hired on, or not (i.e., Watts needing someone internet savvy).

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't you worry, when Watts' legion of fanatical supporters find out about your scurrilous posting you're gonna be hearing from BOTH of them. Then who'll have the last laugh, Mr. Smarty Pants?

nuts101 said...

I thought Eddie Rod had been hired as the Director Of Online Strategies.