Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rick Noriega: This Time Why Not The Best!

SDEC member Don Bankston sent the following letter to every member of the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee and Democratic Party County Chair in Texas. It says what we have all been saying all along about how Rick Noriega will be the best candidate Texas Democrats can offer to run John Cornyn, Bush’s rubber stamp in the Senate, out of DC.

Here’s what Don has to say:

Fellow Democrats:

For United States Senate, instead of the richest, why not the best? In 2008, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a Texas Democrat who can inspire and lead in the tradition of Lloyd Bentsen, Ralph Yarborough, Lyndon Johnson and Sam Houston. That Democrat is Rick Noriega.

Rick Noriega grew up in a working class neighborhood on the east side of Houston. He achieved a Master’s Degree from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Public Affairs. He is a dedicated husband and father. Rick and Melissa’s commitment to public life is not about the pursuit of wealth and power, but a moral and spiritual commitment to public service. Rick has been a loyal soldier, dedicated legislator, and a compassionate public administrator.

Picture the stark contrast with the incumbent. While John Cornyn politicized 9-11 for partisan political advantage, Lt. Col. Rick Noriega stared down Afghan war lords and helped train Afghan soldiers to fight the Taliban. Further, Lt. Col. Noriega knows the difference between the fight to rid the world of Bin Laden and being bogged down in a deadly civil war in Iraq.

Again, while Cornyn panders on border security and uses fear as a political weapon, Rick Noriega volunteered as a Commander for the Laredo Border Sector. Rick knows first hand, up close, that a politically inspired fence is not the answer. While Cornyn tried to use the issue for partisan advantage, Rick has worked on the border and in the legislature to find common ground.

Lastly, while George Bush and John Cornyn stood around doing photo ops with FEMA director Michael Brown, Rick Noriega, just back from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, volunteered and served as Incident Commander at George Brown Convention Center, managing the rescue efforts for over 30,000 Katrina evacuees.

This record of service and leadership will be in sharp contrast to the politics of fear and division of John Cornyn.

Lastly, Rick Noriega will be a symbol of hope and promise for Hispanics throughout Texas and the nation. We can demonstrate that there is room in our party for a dynamic progressive Hispanic leader to represent us in the Senate.

As former County Chair and a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, I urge you, and all Democrats, to support Rick Noriega for United States Senate. Rick will not let you down.

Very truly yours,

Donald W. Bankston,
SDEC #18


Anonymous said...

YEA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TXsharon said...

NICE! A big thank you to Bankston.

Hal said...

By way of explanation, I had a Watts (probably paid) commenter leave a comment here.

Adam - or whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks your name is - take your troll foul comments elsewhere. You are not welcome here. Go away.

Watts has lots of money, no doubt, and maybe you are eating steak tonight on his chit. Just know that I stand nothing to gain in my support of Rick Noriega. Can you say the same?

Fug off, troll.