Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rick Noriega's 4th of July Message on Daily Kos

Sugar Land Liberal has a new posting on Daily Kos. It is a 4th of July message from Texas State Rep Lt. Col. Rick Noriega.

Now I don’t know why I need to direct you to that blog. They get a million hits a day to my 6. But I thought I would anyway just to say I did my best to increase the traffic to Daily Kos. Next time, I guess I’ll see if I can help out Arianna Huffington.

Here’s my favorite part of Rick’s message (of course):
“The draft effort asking me to run for the United States Senate has been an astounding honor. I and my entire family are humbled by it. We have prayed about this call. We have asked God every day that if we undertake this immense and necessary task, that it is for the right reasons. That I meet this challenge for God, for Texas and for the country we share and love, not for myself.”
The Draft Rick Noriega effort was a no-brainer and a pleasure to work on.

Thanks for stepping up, Rick.

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