Friday, October 05, 2007

American Mercenaries Are Now More Accountable

What we have for a government is one that simply does not make any mistakes, on the one hand, but on the other finds that they now have to make their mercenary forces in Iraq “more accountable”.

That this comes on the heels of a September 16 incident when American-paid mercenaries working for Blackwater USA fired into a crowd of Iraqi civilians while driving through a Baghdad public square, killing 13, makes me more than a little bit suspicious.

Are reins being applied to our trigger happy mercenary cowboys over there, or is this just business as usual?

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack puts it this way: actually what we are doing is “putting in place more robust assets to make sure that the management, reporting and accountability function works as best as it possibly can”.

Just the usual tune-up.

Nothing special.

That the new accountability, which includes installation of video cameras in Blackwater vehicles, and recorded radio conversations between operators, does not apply to two other security companies being used by Bush to protect diplomats in Iraq - only to Blackwater, and only in Baghdad – is also a little telling.

Bush makes no mistakes.

That is saying something for someone who can’t seem to do anything right.

But that’s just because I don’t (can’t really) see the world through Bush’s eyes. To his mind everything he does is correct and proper.

The world according to Bush:

Kids don’t want to have health insurance because that’s too much like socialized medicine, and sweet Jesus knows we don’t want that. It would degrade our health care systems to something like they have in, say, France. And we hate France.

We need to stay in Iraq for scores of years because Satan himself is in this up to his elbows stirring up the Islamic fascists. And someday we ARE going to find those WMDs. And getting us some more oil isn’t a bad thing either. Nor is tearing up a country so we can pay our friends to put it back together. Or at least say that they are doing it, but not really.

And we all know that the reason Bush’s government didn’t respond to the Katrina disaster quicker was because of all the people shooting at rescue workers and because the Democratic state government has let all their roads go bad and because we need those national guard units and their helicopters in Iraq fighting the Islamofascists.

So, yeah, this Blackwell accountability thing was just a change in course. We call it continuous improvement

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YaGottaLoveIt said...

We've seen what "accountability" means in the Bush administration. Get ready for another wave of freedom medals.