Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bush Vetoes SCHIP As Expected; Override Campaign Begins

It was expected. Bush said he would do it. Now the children in Texas who had no health insurance until the Texas Legislature reauthorized and expanded the plan, have no health insurance once more. Texas’ Legislature giveth, and Bush taketh away.

Compassionate Conservatism at its absolute worst.

No surprise because Bush is cutting spending everywhere. Everywhere that is, but Iraq. Bush is trashing out all our good federal programs to keep fighting his illegal and immoral war.

So now the campaign to override the veto begins in earnest. A bipartisan override will be necessary. Democrats, by themselves, with Republicans who have already voted in favor of the bill can rack up more votes to override, but only to bring the total up to 270 in favor. But with 287 votes out of 431 needed (two congressmen are ill and two seats are unfilled), That means Democrats are going to have to look for 9 Republicans to flip their votes. With Bush’s approval ratings right now, there just might be 9 moderate conservatives out there who don’t want their names associated with their presidents.


And if that happens, the 8 Democrats who voted against S-CHIP might be persuaded to flip as well. Kucinnich is among them. I don’t know what the H-E-double hockey sticks he is doing just now.

Since the bill originated in the House the vote to override will occur there. In the Senate, there already are 67 Aye votes so this is a horserace in the House only.

I am pessimistic on the outcome, but wouldn’t it be sweet if we can get this one bill through by override?

The one for the children?

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Anonymous said...

I'll sure help you. But I have to tell you, the GOP have pulled out their favorite big whoppers for this one:

...those poor innocent tobacco users being taxed to death. (Yes, we will have to add a new box on all death certificates for "was this a tax-related death?")
...a Clinton (God forbid) has already tried to shove this fiasco down our throats
...socialized medicine alert!!!
...families who make $80K/yr are underprivileged? (Try living on that in NYC or anywhere up North) can get health care at any emergency room (My health insurance premiums and payments are through the roof because of the charges the hospitals use trying to recover for these losses)
...we will need to institute a STATE INCOME TAX in Texas to fund this. Now THOSE are fighting words in Texas!!

But I'm willing to bet that those good Christian Republicans would change their minds when asked whether Jesus would help with children's health care or let them die needlessly? Hmmm, that brings up a good question. Which is worse in God's eyes? An abortion or a long, painfully lingering death of a child from an illness that could have been treated if the family had the money for healthcare?