Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Lucky 7 Republicans Want to Run Against Nick Lampson

This is pretty comical.

Last June the newspapers carried stories of which Republican politician was not going to run in the Texas March primary for Republican nominee to face Nick Lampson in the ’08 election. There were 5 as I recall:

David Wallace
Paul Bettencourt
John Zerwas
Charlie Howard
Larry Taylor

Charlie Howard, by the way, was rewarded for not running for congress this past week with an announcement that he will be opposed in the Republican primary.

Then in August, we had 6 throw their hats in the ring (one for every vulture feeding on the carcass of a squirrel in front of my house).

Robert “Crazy Bob” Talton
Dr. Shelley Sekula (no hyphen anymore) Gibbs, M.D.
Judge James “Reverend Jim” Squier
John Manlove
Pete Olsen
Dean Hrbacek

Hrbacek, by the way, made it official this past week, elevating his candidacy from an “exploratory committee” to announced candidate.

So Hrbacek is in the race. FortBendNow carries the story and his first official dig at Nick Lampson, a former Tax Collector Assessor in Jefferson County. An odd dig at that.

“‘As a committed conservative with a record of reducing taxes, the voters’ choice for district 22 is clear – a tax cutter vs. a tax collector,’ Hrbacek said.”

Other than the fact that both nouns begin with the letter “c” I don’t really see his point. Tax assessors don’t have anything to do with deciding how much to collect, they just enforce what others have decided. This is akin, I think, to shooting the messenger.

Hrbacek maybe didn’t see the movie, so maybe he wouldn’t get this:

Dean: asphinctersayswhat?

But get ready CD 22 Republican voters. Someone made it Lucky Seven this past week.

Alan Steinberg

Or as I like to call him, “The Kid”. Alan is 25 years old. Isn’t that just the cutest thing? This is the constitutionally enacted minimum age to be a congressman. Alan says he wants to set a new pace for CD 22. I’ll say. Nowhere on his web page could I locate words to the effect that he is a card-carrying member of the NRA.

But I did find this out:

Alan has a MySpace page.

Alan also has a Facebook profile.




Anonymous said...

I think you should check Rep. Lampson's bio. I believe that he held county office in Jefferson County, not Galveston. Most, if not all, of Galveston County was in the old 9th District that Lampson represented before the re-districting.

Hal said...

Absolutely right, I had Galveston on the brain from ManLove. Nick is from Beaumont - Jefferson County.

Alan Steinberg said...

I support the right to keep and bear arms. I own a gun (an antique mussel loading rifle) but I am not a member of the NRA.