Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mikal Watts Accepts $4600 From The Great Impostor

Remember the old 1961 film “The Great Impostor”? It chronicled the life of Fred Demara, a guy who changed names and occupations like others change their bed sheets. A man with no degree in anything, Demara managed to pose, and get paid for being a surgeon, a monk and a prison warden among others.

Well, apparently we have another “Great Impostor” in Corpus Christi, Texas. This one poses as an attorney and as a sheriff’s deputy.

And he also gave Mikal Watts the maximum campaign contribution of $4600 to his Senatorial campaign.

It’s all spelled out in this fascinating article at the San Antonio Express-News.

Mauricio Celis, owner of CGT Law Group International apparently has no law degree from anywhere, and is not licensed to practice law. Celis was exposed as an impostor by Corpus Christi attorney Thomas Henry, who appeared on a paid advertisement on local television to denounce Celis.

Further down in the story, Celis is tied to Mikal Watts in two ways. Watts’ law firm accepted cases that Celis’ firm farmed out. Celis also made the maximum donation allowed by federal law to Watts’ senatorial campaign.

But the event that may have sparked the whole thing? It occurred in the wee hours of the morning of September 17th. A young woman ran into a convenience store near Celis’ house dressed in her birthday suit. She first alleged that she had been sexually attacked. Who should appear a few minutes later but Mauricio Celis, dressed in a bath robe and a deputy sheriff’s badge. Flashing the badge he told responding officers that he would take custody of the woman.

Watts with that?

Guilt by association with a known impostor. Taking campaign contributions from a known impostor.

Can anyone spell S-W-I-F-T-B-O-A-T?

Mikal Watts, and Mikal Watts trolls should realize that unless their own house is in order, they shouldn’t go casting aspersions on their senatorial race opponent. It is well-known that trial lawyers, like policemen, do not always get to associate with upstanding citizens.

Should Mikal Watts return the $4600 to Celis? No way. No more than Rich Noriega must return his $7000 donation from Bob Perry. Who gives money to your campaign, who associates himself with you does not personally reflect upon you.

That’s just common sense.

But politics is another animal.

Will John Cornyn be able to level an accusatory finger at Rick Noriega for accepting campaign donations from ultra-conservative home builder “Swiftboat Bob” Perry? Where is the sense in that? Cornyn would be playing right into Noriega’s hand.

On the other hand, will John Cornyn be able to level an accusatory finger at Mikal Watts for his association with a known impostor, and his acceptance of a campaign contribution from same?

Is the pope German?


Anonymous said...

Yeah Hal. Watts supporters are not
good Democrats. They are only Trolls.And you are an old Goat.Don't you care how many good
Democrats you are alienating? Just because we do not agree with you
100 percent you resort to name calling. Isn't it better to have a lot of comments and diversified opinions on your blog? That is not progressive thinking.We do not appreciate you making fun of us in
South Texas.We have always been
good Democrats. You think your better than us?

Hal said...

No, anonymous, I don't think I am better than you. I think that Rick Noriega has a better chance of beating John Cornyn than does Mikal Watts.

I use the word "Troll" not in the negative sense of a fantasy creature, but as a label for the Watts supporters who troll in the comments sections of blogs making very disingenuous comments.

The Bob Perry attack by Watts trolls was a very poorly executed campaign. It won no one over. It only exposed some of those supporting the Watts campaign as ones lacking in integrity.

Anonymous said...

You have done more attacking than any trolls.Was it not you who called State Senator Chuy Hinojosa
a sellout because he endorsed Watts.If the Watts supporters are bothered by the Perry contributions
they should be allowed to say so.Just as you can write the story of the great imposter and say "more bad press for Watts" More of a non-issue than the Perry
contributions to Noriega.My point again is that to you trolls are just commenters that disagree with you. You do not have to call them trolls !!!!! And Hal the reason I support Watts is because I do not believe that Noriega can beat Cornyn because this is a huge state and as much as I love my State of Texas I know that it still is a conservative state and
unfortunately we have more conservative(anglo, white) voters who are never going to vote for a Hispanic,latino, Mexican American,use whatever label you want. It's too bad these conservative do not see us all as just Texans.

Hal said...

Those are all (well almost all) well-considered thoughts. Mine run along different lines.

Since only 15% of the voters vote in primaries, an Hispanic has somewhat of an edge over an anglo. Hispanics want to see one of theirs in office and I can fully understand why. This is what must worry Watts.

The problem is much the way you lay it out. Some voters won't vote for an Hispanic no matter what, let alone a progressive Hispanic. But here's the difference: the story. Noriega's story is exceptional. I think it will take less money to sell this story because we won't have to hammer people with it with a media blitz.

Watts has the enviable position of having lots of money to sell his story to Texans, but no real story to tell and sell. And as in this case that you hate, the negatives to his story come out. His story, actually, is grist for the Republican mill.

That's why I think Noriega has the best chance of winning the primary, and the best chance to beat Cornyn.

I don't think Texans are willing to vote for another rich anglo who has no story, no experience in a legislature and no record of public service.

Make no mistake, if Watts wins the primary (no, in my opinion)I am behind the Democratic candidate 100%. The campaign will be harder though.

Hal said...



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any more links between Mikal Watts and Mauricio Celis? Love to hear about them.