Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Herr Noriega geht nach Washington

OK, does someone want to explain to me why a German translation of my posting of Rick Noriega’s email message about his trip to DC wound up on a German language blogger site? I know that Rick’s story and Texas Senate campaign is getting wide coverage, but Germany?

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Anonymous said...

Hal, the ads on the scammers blog should be a clue.

Your post was machine translated into German and the translation interspersed with the English original. In short, this was a way, with little effort, for the scammers to generate keyword rich content that should not be flagged as "duplicate content" by the search engines.

From a "scamming the search engines" perspective, it's rather clever and is the first incidence of this type of scam that I have personally seen.

I'd recommend that you and your viewers surf over to the scammers blog and click "Flag Blog" at the top of their page. You could also file a "DMCA take down notice" if you would like to take it a step further.

Ganz Interessant!

David Matocha