Monday, October 15, 2007

Classroom Management: It's All About Respect

I know teachers like this.

Take a look at this You Tube video embed that a student made of his teacher blowing his stack. What you don’t get to see is the series of circumstances over the course of the year that led to these kids’ stunt.

Kids these days know how to press your buttons and elicit an expected response. They obviously set their teacher up to act like this so they could catch him swearing.

There is no respect in this classroom, none for the teacher because he hasn’t earned the trust and respect of his students.

He, in turn, has no respect for his students and this has probably been the case since day 1.

This is very sad.

You would not believe how many videos students have taken of their teachers expressing their disdain for their students.

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Anonymous said...

Just looks like another teacher pushed to the edge to me. You know the usual: intimidation by porcinocephalic evil-minded admin, loads of meaningless BS work to do by admin, absolutely NO discipline back-up by admin OR parents, no respect by admin or parents, etc., etc., etc.. Except in this case, I can't help wondering with his desire for military-like responses from his students, if he isn't a coach. That in itself is a recipe for disaster in 85% of the situations. You just can't treat kids in a classroom like you can on a field or court. Also, I'd be willing to bet his wife is divorcing him because he has so much schoolwork to do after school and weekends, she's tired of the his family getting ignored. That camel's back has been broken by too many straws. Unfortunately, it can happen all too quickly and easily for educators when no one is there to protect them from the very people who should be working WITH them. Students are experts at detecting weak points in adults. They've already been imprinted and are constantly reinforced with the idea that adults are bumbling idiots thanks to television and movies. Consequently they are becoming more difficult to intimidate. But it all starts at home. No respect at home, no respect anywhere else.