Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Democrat Announces Candidacy for Texas Supreme Court

2008 is going to be a great year to be a Democrat on the downballot. They will benefit from the growing number of straight ticket voters who will turn out in droves to put Republican officeholders of all levels in the unemployment lines.

Texas attorney Sam Houston, not the Hero of San Jacinto, mind you, but the successful medical malpractice attorney, is filing treasurer papers today to run for Justice on the Texas Supreme Court. He will be running as a Democrat against Republican Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright.

Earlier this year, Judge Susan Criss announced her candidacy in the Place 8 race for Texas Supreme Court. Criss has a primary opponent, but when she wins the primary, she will face Justice Phil Johnson in November.

Houston’s opponent, Justice Wainwright, was fast tracked to the Supreme Court. He was first appointed to a judicial bench, the 334th Civil District Court in Harris County by then Governor Dubya. Three years later he ran for his present job.

Houston will announce a list of his supporters very soon, but the short list is a list of heavy hitter attorneys: John Beckworth, Curry Cooksey, Sam Cruse, Craig Lewis, Nancy J. Locke, Dave Matthiesen, Steve McConnico, Enrique Moreno, and Michael Solar,
Also supporting Houston (so far) are State Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin) and attorney Hartley Hampson.

There is no website up yet, but it’s early.


Hal said...

Hey guys, I just had to let you know about a comment that I had to reject on the basis of disingenuousness. An anonymous commenter raised issues with Susan Criss' candidacy. As you know, she is being opposed in the primary.

What you may NOT know is that her opponent in the primary, Judge Susan Yanez, is being supported, both politically and monetarily, by Mikal Watts. The commenter made huge claims about being a Rick Noriega supporter, but I guess that is not the case at all.

Mikal Watts supports Susan Yanez in this race. Mikal Watts does not support Rick Noriega in his. There is lots of backstory on this, but let's just say that SDEC member Lloyd Criss, Susan's dad, by the way, was once a potential Watts supporter early on, is not now.

Another in what seems to be a continuously occurring series of Watts-Oops.

Hal said...

Uh, again, sorry. It's Susan Criss but Linda Yanez. I knew that but a helpful reader pointed out a late night blunder.