Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mr. Noriega Goes to Washington

I had an email forwarded to me today from Rick Noriega. Rick Noriega, running for US Senator from Texas, is in Washington, DC this week This man appears to be busier than a one-armed paper hanger as he goes from meeting to meeting, gala to gala. Too bad he didn’t have time to stop by his future opponent’s office at the Hart Senate Building to take a look at his future office suite, get some decorating ideas.

I thought about excerpting some of the email to this blog so people can see what he’s doing, how busy he is, and how dad gummed successful this trip is turning out to be, but when I read the message again and again, I couldn’t figure out what should be included and what should not. That’s one thing you have to know about Rick: there’s no pocket fluff with what the man says, nor with what he writes. It is all USDA prime food for thought.

So I decided not to decide. You get to see it all.

Here’s what Rick wrote to Sue Schechter, his campaign manager, this morning. I think he won’t mind me sharing this, from the look of it, I think it has “share me” written all over it.

From: "Rick Noriega"
Date: Thurs, 11 Oct 2007 09:40:48
To: "Sue Schechter"
Subject: Mr. Noriega Goes to Washington

I want to share a quick note with you about some of the key events that occurred during our trip to Washington, D.C. this past week. First, let me tell you that there is tremendous buzz surrounding our campaign and the politicos in D.C. are well aware and impressed by our collective efforts, including the money we were able to raise last quarter.

Here is a tremendously exciting development: Our fellow Texans and friends former Congressmen Charlie Stenholm, Mike Andrews and Max Sandlin endorsed our candidacy. They have graciously offered their support and we are proud to move forward with them on our team!

Sue Schechter, our campaign manager and dear friend, did a fantastic job of scheduling multiple meetings and events throughout the trip. Thanks to great Texan Congressman Gene Green, we began our trip by visiting with multiple congressional leaders. During the week, our meetings ranged from advocacy groups like the Migration Policy Institute and the AAJ, to labor officials such as Kirk Adams at SEIU to great Texans who are now working in DC like John Michael Gonzales, Adrian Saenz, energy experts John Northington and Kyle Simpson to former Democratic head Joe Andrew to my close friends Gilberto Ocanas, Henry Munoz, and Jose Villareal and many, many other policy makers.

We attended the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute evening gala and met with 3000 of our closest friends! Fortunately, 300 Hispanic Broadcast Journalists were in for dinner on Thursday night and another 3000 friends were in town for the Human RightsCampaign Gala on Saturday night. It was great spreading the call to service among so many great Americans.

I also had positive meetings with Senators Ken Salazar and John Kerry. They were both especially welcoming and generous. Senator Chuck Schumer was cautious about the Democratic Senatorial Committee's participationin Texas, but took the time to meetwith us. Senator Schumer is known for his straight talk but he is also known for never missing an opportunity. I look forward to working with him in the future: on the campaign next year and later in the U.S. Senate!

A lot of fundraising opportunities presented themselves while we were in Washington and you can bet that we are following up. We will continue to work hard as we continue to build our team during this next phase. You can rest assured that we are runninga lean and mean operation that will thoughtfully come together this fall.

We will be working just as hard in this 4th quarter. We hope to equal or surpass our 3rd quarter efforts and continue the struggle to move Texas in a new direction.

Thanks to your help we are off to a fantastic start, but there is still much to do. Your support is invaluable to our campaign. That is why I ask for your continuing support through a campaign donation. Together, we will win in '08.

Please call us if you have any questions or we can be of any service at(713)921-7425. Your trust and faith in our effort to get our state and country back on the right track is humbling.

Thank you all and God Bless Texas.


So? What are you waiting for? The 4th quarter has begun in earnest and it's time to cough up some more dead presidents for Rick Noriega. Click on the Join Team Noriega banner over there on the left. Or just . . . click . . . HERE.

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