Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Problem, Rick

That’s what I end up saying every time I talk to Rick Noriega, the next US Senator from Texas. He thanks me for what I do to support his campaign. I say, “No problem, Rick”. Now he’s posted a You Tube video thanking all of us for the things we do.

Now that’s class.

Rick has a thing that he wants us to do for him on Election Day 2007. The campaign is still dead set on collecting 25,000 signatures for Rick’s primary filing. There’s a place on Rick’s website where you can sign up to help out on Election Day by standing at the polling sites and telling voters about Rick Noriega, getting them to sign Rick’s petition.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. First, voters in an off-off year election are going to be the ones who will very probably show up at primaries, and will definitely show up at presidential elections. So you are talking to hard core voters here.

I’ve still got a few more ballots to get filled out so that is what I can be doing next Tuesday after work.

C’mon, it’ll be fun.

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Anonymous said...

This man is phenomenal. I just can't envision any other candidate, except Melissa, making a video like this to give thanks and GENUINELY mean it, like Rick. My criteria for actively backing a candidate is whether or not I would write them in my will to be guardian of my minor children should I pop off the twig. Not only do I back Rick 100%; I've already changed my will (albeit without asking him and Melissa). Guess I'd better attend to that part, huh?