Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 to 9

OK, OK, the Baucus Bill, that some call a healthcare reform bill, passed out of the Senate Finance Committee with a unanimous Democratic vote, and one lone Republican vote.

By a vote of 14 to 9.

14 to 9 with the 14 including a Republican vote from, surprise, surprise, Olympia Snowe.

Olympia Snowe (R - Maine) is going to face a Democratic challenger next year, and Maine is a brand new blue state they tell me, so she is all about looking as much like a Democrat as she can right now.

So yes, I do have a problem with giving the Baucus Bill the identity as the only bill with “bipartisan support.” For all of her bluster, Olympia Snowe is a paper tiger. She has to vote like this.

The Baucus Bill is the only “healthcare reform bill” that doesn’t mention a public option. Therefore, the only bill that the healthcare industry can get behind – although they seem to have trouble getting behind any bill now.

The only silver lining that I see in this is that Democrats seem to be lining up to vote as Democrats. Now it’s time to put the public option in the merged bill.

It’s either that or take the healthcare insurance industry’s advice and scrap the whole thing because no matter what is done in Washington, they are bound and determined to raise their rates.

Take their advice and pass Universal Health Care and put those rapacious SOBs out of business.

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