Friday, October 02, 2009

Republicans Doing Backflips: It’s Rio

Ho man, talk about a double play. Republicans are beside themselves with glee today as the IOC not only eliminated Chicago as the 2016 Olympics Games venue in the first round of voting, but then went on to select Rio de Janeiro.

Beside themselves.

Here we had Barack Obama make a personal effort to support his hometown and his country to bring the Olympics to the United States once more while Republicans complained that he was doing this when his time could be better spent watching the Democrats harpoon healthcare reform in the Senate.

And it was all for naught.

But more to the point, now there is adequate reason for them to get on a jet in 2016 and fly to Rio.

First, for some of them, perhaps it might be a good move because of the extradition laws between the US and Brazil. But for the rest of them, there is that curious combination of genes that produces what is perhaps the most exotic-looking females of the species that is endemic to Brazil in general, but to Rio in particular.
Mark Sanders started a trend. Now just wait until Republicans line up for those expensive Olympics packages that include full introductions to a Carioca of their choice.

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Delezzia said...

Yeah, Gov Sanford should feel right at home down there...

On a side note, it really bothers me about these right wing talking heads cheering the fact that Chicago lost the Olympics. How is that American? No wonder Graham is trying to distance himself from them. At least the POTUS tried and he was right to go and pitch for the US. If even he stayed home, it appears that would have angered the talking heads as well.. so sick of all of them.