Thursday, October 22, 2009

How We Do Things in Texas

This is how we get things done in Texas. When you want to curry favor with public servants, people who live on the taxpayers’ dollars, you make them really generous but completely anonymous gifts. You do something like giving each and every sheriff’s deputy in Fort Bend County, Texas a token of your appreciation to the tune of $1000. Something that happened here in Fort Bend County earlier this year.

And according to the District Attorney, it’s all perfectly legit if you don’t know who the donor is. How can you turn a blind eye at a traffic infraction, or any other kind of crime in the county if you don’t know who gave the money to you?

Well, no one but the county sheriff, anyway.

And he says that he isn’t going to say who the mysterious donor was.

So it’s OK.

Well then what about throwing a party? A fundraiser? What about getting local citizenry who don’t have something to do on a weekday for 3 hours to all come down to the “Texas Roadhouse” a new restaurant that just opened in Rosenberg and show the city fire department their appreciation for all that they do?

That’s what they are going to do according to this piece that I found in FortBendNow today. The public is invited – all of those who don’t have anything to do between 11 AM and 2 PM next Thursday anyway – to come down and have lunch and then they only pay what they choose to pay.

Apparently there is no limit.

What a deal.

And apparently, because no one has brought it up, this is OK because they’re going to use the fundraiser money to buy “much-needed equipment.” So anonymity isn’t a problem here and party goers are free to attend without putting paper bags over their heads.

Or wear Halloween masks.

Well I guess I’m lucky that I don’t live in Rosenberg because I work for a living and will definitely not be available to attend the fundraiser on that day. Because I wouldn’t want to be a Rosenberg resident who failed to pony up. Because on the day that one of these poor schmos’ houses catch fire they have to hope that the Texas Roadhouse restaurant doesn’t have a grease fire that day.

Or the day that one of the party goer’s cats climbs up a tree and refuses to come down.

Because we are only human and humans do have their priorities.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the new DA will do his/her job while on our dime?

Delezzia said...

Texas Roadhouse stinks. Poor service, lowsy food. You are not missing much.