Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kay Scores One for the Neocons

Every day is another day of amazement and wonder here in turbulent Texas. Today we learn that Kay Bailey Hutchison, who announced that she is running for governor in the Republican primary next March against incumbent Rick Perry, who is a teabagger’s teabagger, has a new ally.

Dead Eye Dick Cheney.

So in the race to garner neoconservative supporters, it is Perry 1 (with Sarah Palin in his corner) and Hutchison 1 (with Cheney).

Actually I think Perry has the edge on getting more neocons to sign on, not to mention teabaggers. Hutchison however, who is a moderate, scored a coup in garnering the support of uber-neoconservative Dick Cheney.

This little tempest in a Texas teapot does have some interesting bedfellows, doesn’t it?

Rick Perry has an unlikely set of supporters who, if put in the same room, would likely want to tear each others’ throats out. Neocons, who form Perry’s base, are the tax and spend like a drunken sailors who got America in the deep, deep debt that it is in. Teabaggers, on the other hand, are simply shocked, shocked I tell you, at how conservatives have dug America a hole of debt halfway to China.

But they both just love Sarah Palin. She is the glue that binds these two disparate groups together. So oddly, Perry gathers supporters from both of these groups.

But now Kay Bailey has a neocon all of her own. One to draw the War-loving Muslim-hating Cheneyites right out of the Perry camp.

Dick Cheney is the neocon’s neocon that will give Kay Bailey the credentials to pass as a borrow and spend, fear mongering, anti-Hispanic, neoconservative in her own right.

And how does Rick Perry spin the seeming desertion of his cause by a fellow neocon? He goes back to page one in his anti-Hutchison diatribe, the one that has so offended his fellow Republicans taking up space in Washington DC: it’s just a beltway cabal.

Said Mark Miner of Perry’s campaign:

“The Washington establishment likes to stick together.”

Yes and not to mention that Cheney knew both Kay and her millionaire lawyer husband Ray back in the good old days in Dallas, and that both Cheney sidekick Karl Rove and Bush fundraiser Jim Francis often serve as sous chefs in Kay’s Kitchen:

“Other connections between Hutchison and Cheney include former presidential adviser Karl Rove and Dallas fundraiser Jim Francis. Both are kitchen cabinet advisers to Hutchison’s campaign.”
So while this is not all that surprising, it does make for some fun popcorn-passing Neocon/Teabagger-watching good times here.

Making me wonder what the Texas moderates and Independents must be thinking right now as the two main Republican gubernatorial candidates scuffle in the dust in their continued competition to split the rightwing between themselves.

Maybe something like they have finally had enough of all of this.

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