Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hutchison Remains Adamant: She’s Running Against Perry

Today Kay Bailey Hutchison took a cue from Perry spokesman Mark Miner, quoted here yesterday, that she most assuredly was going to run against Governor Rick Perry and try to replace him on the November ballot.

“I have said pretty clearly that that’s what I’m going to do. I think I can help Texas now and take our state into the real areas that need to have leadership.”
OK,OK, I say. But actions speak louder than words and this continued thrust and parry in the press is done on the cheap. I want something concrete, like a senate resignation.

But I have to admit, Hutchison’s latest attack, actually a continuation of her attack on Perry for knowingly letting a convicted murderer be executed when forensic evidence was being openly disputed, does come of as unexpectedly shrill, and fodder for any Democrat who would run against Perry in November.

In her latest attack she lets both barrels loose on his recent replacement of members of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, which was investigating the disputed forensic evidence, the thing that the commission is supposed to do, and was expected to release a report next year.

A report that they say would have been damaging to Perry.

As it stands now, issuing the report won’t happen before the primary.

Hutchison is canny in her attack, because she can’t be looking like a bleeding heart for the guy who just may have been executed by mistake. As a matter of fact she offers no opinion on Todd Willingham’s guilt or innocence. In Houston today, she said this to an AP reporter:

“I'm not taking up for Mr. Willingham because I have no idea. I'm taking up for the process, for the criminal justice system in our state.”
See, it’s a hot button issue among Republicans. They like the death penalty. So Republicans who hope for a victory in Texas can’t get one by speaking up for a guy who mistakenly got waxed by the state. That would be unseemly.

No, Hutchison attacks it this way:

“I think the majority of Texans believe the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for the crimes that are the state law for the death penalty. I think every one of the people who believe in the death penalty would want to know we are using DNA evidence and the best technology in all the fields to determine if a person is rightfully convicted," Hutchison said.”

“Hutchison's campaign issued a statement saying Perry's handling of the commission has given liberals ammunition to discredit the death penalty.”
Get it? Hutchison isn’t attacking Perry because he just may have allowed an innocent man to be wasted in a government-sanctioned slaying, she is attacking him because he has given the liberals a valid issue.

How clever is that? Not only is she absolutely correct, but she can now look more conservative than Perry to boot.

Yes, we liberals oppose the death penalty. I am rather pragmatic about it though and don’t spout morality issues like others of my ilk. I simply think that the system is flawed and allows the taking of innocent life. You can’t have a do-over once the hypodermic’s plunger is pushed.

And this case is just grist for our mill.

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