Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pete Olson: Giving Texas CD – 22 Its Money’s Worth

I get this email notification on how my two Republican senators from Texas, and how my Republican congressman from TX-22 voted on recent congressional action. Today I was informed that my congressman, Pete Olson, voted NO on accepting House Report 111-292 on HR 2892, the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2010.

It’s a $42.8 billion bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security.

He voted NO with 113 others.

Now, there is nothing on his congressional website explaining this curiosity. A curiosity made even more curious by the fact the Olson sits on the Homeland Security Committee.

So one would hope that Olson, who serves on the House committee that oversees Homeland Security would support the Department of Homeland Security.

Oh, but then I thought that since Olson sits on the committee, and he voted against the conference report that he might have some special knowledge about this, so I checked the NO votes against the list of members of the Homeland Security committee.

Only three members of that committee voted against accepting the report, all Republicans. No Democrat voted against accepting the report, and 9 Republicans serving on the committee voted in favor of it.

Now Houston, part of CD-22 is a port city. The Department of Homeland Security ostensibly keeps Houstonians safe from . . . from . . . well the stuff that the Bush Regime told us to be very afraid of. Stuff that Pete Olson still must be buying. So what’s the deal?

Are Houstonians getting their moneys worth having Pete Olson in office?

Is anyone?

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