Monday, October 12, 2009

Another TEA Party

You have to love FortBendNow, the online newspaper where I get a lot of my local news. Today I noted a short article announcing that the “Fort Bend County Tea Party” has “scheduled a call to action.”

From FortBendNow:

“The Fort Bend County Tea Party has scheduled a Call to Action Rally from 3-5 p.m. in Sugar Land Town Square, U.S. 59 and Hwy. 6. More than 4,000 people attended the organizations rally in April, according to organizers.”
Yep, they are going to hold another TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party where county right wingers can come out once again and tell Washington DC that they don’t want any part of healthcare reform. That they hate anything with even the chance of becoming a government-run healthcare program (you know, like Medicare and Medicaid). Don’t want anything like a socialist program to preserve quality of life when people get old (you know, like Social Security).

Don’t want anything to do with a government-run education system (you know, like the public school system).

Or Jesus help us, don’t want anything to do with a government-run system of document transfer where the government will decide what documents you can send and receive and how much to charge you for that service (you know, like the US Postal Service).

No, they don’t want any of that so when 3 o’clock rolls around you too can be there to add your voice to the growing throng.

3 o’clock on what day, you ask?

They actually don’t say.

And that’s why I like FortBendNow. They can be downright cute sometimes.

UPDATE: A commenter on FBN noted the above-mentioned omission and the article was updated with the date that you could find at the Tea Party website. That was fun . . .


Delezzia said...

Dear Lord, must all sane people in Ft. Bend be subjected to this idiotic tea bagger crap again and again? Are they busing the old folks in from Greatwood Retirement and The Terrace? Sheesh.

Delezzia said...

Hal, according to, the date is Saturday, Oct. 17th. See ya there. NOT! LOL.