Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will Kay Bailey Hutchison Resign? Not a Chance.

In her announcement that she was interested in challenging Texas Governor Rick Perry in the Republican primary next March, Kay Bailey Hutchison said that she would be resigning from her senate seat to run for the nomination in October or November.

From the Washington Post (last July):

“The actual leaving of the Senate will be sometime -- October, November -- that, in that time frame”
Today, however, now that it is nearly mid-October, the first sign of wavering on this decision has presented itself in a shrot but sweet AP piece that I found here:

“Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says some people are suggesting that she remain in the Senate and not step down, as she said she would do, for her run for governor.Hutchison said Tuesday on Dallas-Fort Worth radio station WBAP that she's not sure what she'll do. She said she wants to remain in the Senate long enough to fight President Barack Obama's health care proposal.”

As if Rick Perry wasn’t going to appoint a replacement for her that would vote for healthcare reform.

This is just the first indication of what is inevitable. Inevitable now because Hutchison’s indecisiveness is showing, giving Perry a valid argument to hit her over the head with in the primary.

That Kay Bailey is a waffeler. A flip-flopper.

No, this “some people” that Hutchison seems to be listening to more closely these days have been saying the same thing to her all along. The same thing that I have been saying on this blog: that Kay Bailey has a great chance to become governor of Texas if she could somehow bypass the Republican primary.

But she can’t. And Rick Perry will wipe the floor with her in the primary.

Because Texas Republican primary voters are a special species of Republican. The kind that votes for the one with the best head of hair as long as it’s atop the head of a rightwing secession-talking extreminst.

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