Monday, October 26, 2009

Texas GOP Chair: Who Lost and Who Won

The big story this past weekend was who won the vote to become Chair of the Texas GOP. That the rightwing conservative got the most votes in the SREC was the big story, but now that we have relished in this news, it’s time to look a little at the back story.

And relish this news yet some more.

Out comes news from those in attendance that debate over whether they should vote for Melinda Fredricks, Cathie Adams’ opponent for the position was stifled – there was no debate.

The SREC of the Republican Party of Texas decided who should lead it, but declined to debate about it.

Not in front of reporters anyway.

According to SREC member Rebecca Williamson, there was no debate for reasons given here:

“There was no debate because members agreed not to hold a general discussion before voting. Member Rebecca Williamson of Hunt told colleagues before the agreement to restrict discussion that an initially contemplated 30-minute debate might lead to controversy and personal attacks.”

“‘After all, the press is here,’ Williamson said.”

OK, that explains everything. The press was there. God help them if they encourage debate and exchange of ideas. That, after all, might lead to controversy. That, after all, might lead to personal attacks.

How hamstrung the GOP is right now. They are so hopelessly divided that the only thing that they can agree to is not to show this side of themselves to the public.

The Texas GOP is so wounded that it continues the process by intentionally bleeding itself as in the old days when they used leeches. Controversy and tossing around ideas, intellectual exchange as it were, is part and parcel of good decision making. Working in the dark without cross-checking invites disaster.

A disaster that elected Cathie Adams as their glorious leader.

Quod Erat Demonstratum.

Underlining the fact that the lunatic fringe has grabbed hold of the power in the RPT is the document found here, a document authored by yet another rightwing lunatic, State Rep Wayne Chisum.

Now Wayne Chisum is as looney as you can get on this side of legal sanity. But even Chisum recognized that what his party needs right now is someone who can build the party back up and stop the erosion of seats that has occurred for the past two election cycles. Recognized this to the extent that he wrote this in a piece published by Fredricks’ campaign:

“‘The party needs a chairman who can unite us and revitalize us,’ said Chisum. ‘Melinda Fredricks is the best candidate because she will focus her efforts on defeating Democrats and building the Republican Majority’”
And glory of glories, instead of getting a uniter, the RPT has elected itself a divider. A party chair that refuses to “unendorse” Rick Perry for governor. As a matter of fact, Adams was seen today as seemingly rebuking Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for not resigning her seat the US Senate.

Resigning so others can make plans.

Truth is, Hutchison is under no obligation to resign her seat. She said that she would but that was then.

So with that as a back story, it looks like Cathie Adams is off to a fantastic start – one that could not have been better for the Democratic cause if it had been planned.

So who are the losers here? Moderates in the RPT and all moderate and right of center Republicans. You guys are all out of power now and your voices and opinions are not required. The press is listening after all.

Melinda Fredricks is obviously a loser here, also.

Who are the winners? Oddly enough State Rep Wayne Chisum is a winner for backing the loser. His prescience will not go unnoticed.

Oh, and the Texas Democratic Party. They won, too.

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