Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Going Rogue: The Republican Party of Texas

Jesus must love Democrats. Especially Democrats of the state of Texas

He must, or He wouldn’t have let 36 of the 61 SREC Committee members present who cast their votes for the election of Texas’ own rightwing lunatic, Cathie Adams to the post of Chair of the Republican Party of Texas earlier today at a special meeting held in Austin.

On hearing this news a few minutes ago here I literally jumped out of my chair and reconsidered my opinions of my Republican brethren.

This makes the gift of Sarah Palin to the Democratic Party in last year’s presidential election pale in comparison. Locally anyway. And just as Sarah Palin opened the door to the lunatic rightwing Conservative Party by endorsing its candidate in a New York special congressional election yesterday, the RPT just elected the woman who will stand there and hold the door open as moderates and not-so-moderates of the Republican Party make a quick exit to the world of the Independent Voter.

Or better yet to the world of the Persuadable Voter.

Seriously, this couldn’t have come at a better time. Consider the kind and quality of person that the Republican Party just elected to lead it through the 2010 elections:

Adams is president of the Texas Eagle Forum, a rightwing conservative blog that is affiliated with Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum.

Adams was part of the group that went to Washington earlier this year and co-sponsored a resolution to change the name of the Democratic Party to Democrat Socialist Party, something that caused Democrats and Republicans alike to shake their heads in amaze- and wonderment.

Adams opposed a bill, known as Proposition 15, a bill supported by the Perry Regime to fund cancer research in Texas to the tune of $300 million per year for 10 years, falsely claiming that the researchers would use embryonic stem cells in the project and at the same time branding medical research scientists as unethical, quoted here claiming this: “Scientists are on the verge of cloning humans, injecting them with diseases and studying them, then killing them.”

[Note well that you can’t see the original quote at the Texas Eagle Forum’s website any more. It’s gone now.]

And finally, if any Hispanics in Texas were thinking of voting Republican next time, maybe they should take a look at what the new head of the Republican Party of Texas said of the cultural mores of this sub-population:

“If mom had a baby at age 15, are her morals going to be setting different standards than someone who has grown up in the American culture where that is not typical?" she said. "As a matter of fact, we would look at someone impregnating a 15-year-old as child abuse.”

Fellow Democrats, we are perched at the edge of Texas becoming a blue state once again. We have worked hard to get the state to this point and need only another nudge or two to get us over the line. And who can provide that final nudge, I ask.

And seemingly in answer, I give you Cathie Adams, Chair of the Republican Party of Texas.

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