Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!

No, Paul Revere did not actually utter those words when he made his legendary ride between Boston and Lexington to warn the Minutemen (the real, ones not the modern-day yahoos who besmirch that name) that British troops were on the march (he said “The Regulars are coming” because the countryside was filled with British sympathizers).

But that is exactly what Lyndon LaRouche and his LaRouche Youth Movement are saying these days.

And why do I waste my time worrying about this fringe element in this blog?

Because they are on the march in my congressional district.

They have a candidate, one of three nationwide, who is running in the CD-22 Democratic primary. The other two are challenging Barney Frank in Massachusetts and Nancy Pelosi in her California district. This candidate, or one of her supporters, chastised a sometime commenter on this blog, calling him “stupid” for opposing their LaRouche candidate, Kesha Rogers, and supporting the only true Democrat on the ballot, Doug Blatt.

Ordinarily I don’t allow commenters to post disparaging remarks on other commenters, but I made an exception in this case because it exposed this fringe element for what it really is: a truly lunatic fringe element.

I recalled in that earlier post that I reproduced a paragraph from Rogers’ campaign flyer, one that had a truly odd statement. Let me reproduce it again:
“…to reject the fascist policies imposed by the British monarchy, through its puppet Obama, in favor of ‘the LaRouche Plan’ . . .”

Today I asked myself what the heck that was all about. British monarchy? Puppet Obama? So I did a little research, and was not surprised in what I found.

These claims all extend from a December 28 piece penned, they say, by Lyndon LaRouche. It’s here, but reader be warned, pregnant women and those with a keen sense of reason should probably avoid reading it for fear of spraining your brain.

LaRouche jumped all over the fact that the Senate version of the healthcare reform bill, passed on Christmas Eve, had some provisions in it that prevented future congresses from amending certain passages. Specifically Section 3403 (d)(3). The passage, among other things prevents future congresses from increasing spending in the Medicare program – something that would change the balance sheets that had been agreed upon.

LaRouche claimed that this was just another example of how the British monarchy, and Queen Elizabeth herself is intimately involved mind you, is attacking our constitution.

Just like they did in the Treaty of Lisbon.

That attacking our constitution is tantamount to treason.

And so on . . .

Okay, take a minute now and clear your head. Shake it. Bang it against the wall.

Okay, now read on.

Fellow Democrats, these are apparently deeply held convictions of the LaRouche candidate who is currently vying for the Democratic Party nomination to run against Pete Olson in November. Don’t take my word for it. Look here to see what one of her supporters wrote at her campaign website just yesterday.

Unfortunately, Kesha Rogers is at the top of the ballot in Fort Bend County, and in 2nd place in Harris and Galveston Counties. That means an uninformed primary voter might just cast their vote for the LaRouche candidate, not knowing what they were doing.

Get the word out.

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