Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Despoiling the Resolute Desk

Yesterday, as an afterthought, I thought I’d post my latest favorite photograph of President Obama at work. At work with his feet hiked up on a 130 year old national treasure (as seen in a film of the same name – hidden drawers and all), the Resolute Desk.

You know, this one:

A commenter directed me to Truthorfiction.com which had yet another photograph of Obama with his feet up on this desk, as seen from the front. But the hilarious thing was that the black and white photo of Obama and his feet that accompanied the discussion on whether this was, or was not a sign of disrespect was yet another photo from another administration, taken at exactly the same angle and distance as the one I posted above.

The discusstion there was also accompanied by this photograph:

Why is this appropriate? I kept going back to Republican angst that Obama, or Eric Holder, his AG, should never have Mirandized the Underpants Bomber. The implication is that his predecessor did not show this sign of utter weakness.

A fact that lacks just about anything, including the truth.

The truth is each and every terrorist caught and captured after 9/11 under the Bush Regime was Mirandized, beginning with Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber.

So I found this little bit of back and forth entirely appropriate to merit yet another blog posting.

And to drive home the ridiculous nature of this Teabaggeresque complaint that Obama’s shoes in some way defile the Resolute Desk, I offer this photograph, taken when America was a kinder place to live.

Where a sitting president allowed his child the freedom to explore the very same, but younger by 40 years, Resolute Desk.

I mean, honestly, you never know where those little hands have been, do you.

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice O'bama's feet are on the left side of the desk while Bush had his on the right...LOL