Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A DA Three-Fer

Now every once in awhile I get an e-mail message forwarded to me that originates from one Teabagger or another, but that is because I asked my cousin, who gets them nearly every day to forward them to me.

I like to see what the Dark Side is saying without having to venture there and wade through the mis-spellings, ALL CAPS TEXT and exclamation points (honestly these people write like Glenn Beck talks).

But what irritates me is that come election time my mailbox gets inundated with those color glossy cardstock campaign cards from Republican candidates.

To my knowledge, I have never given my mailing address to a single Republican so I have no idea how I wound up on their list. But they all send me their campaign paraphernalia.

But today it was unreal.

I received four pieces, all of them the same size (6 by 11) mailers, and 100% of them coming from a Republican DA candidate. One each from Healey and Raymond, and two different ones from Nina Schaefer.

It was just unreal that they were all received on the exact same day. What are the chances of that happening?

Here’s a photograph of them.

Of the three, Healey’s is the tamest. His attacks consist entirely of the lack of experience of one his two opponents (Raymond) and that the other is “Weak on Crime” ostensibly because she doesn’t prosecute criminals, she defends them.

Raymond devotes most of his ink attacking Healey and cites the Fort Bend Herald Coaster’s call for his replacement, quotes a juror (and taxpayer), and cites a Texas Ethics Commission opinion on Healey’s “illegal campaign activities.” His sole criticism of Schaefer is that she is TOO LIBERAL for Fort Bend County.

Obviously, he is not worried about Nina Shaefer.

Schaefer, on the other hand trumps both candidates by sending out not one mailer but two. In one she attacks Healey for his many legal and political sins (as I recall Healey’s assistant, Mike Elliott, was the sinner most of the time). In the other she fires shots at both Healey and Raymond, bringing up Raymond’s association with Joey Sula, the guy who bilked Fort Bend County political consultant Karen Pearson out of 500 large.

Pearson, as it turns out, managed DA Healey’s campaigns in the past.

Reading all of this just assaults the senses a little bit because one of these rascals is going to be elected (or re-elected) to District Attorney because no Democrat would file in the race.

So, what the heck, since Richard Raymond says Nina Schaefer is too liberal for Fort Bend, and since Nina Schaefer definitely pulled on her punch in her hit piece, what the heck. If you vote in the Republican primary you should probably put the red color in the box next to Schaefer’s name when you vote.


Duke said...

Big Hal,

Your "Vote for Nina" endorsement is on point brutha.

Nina is the only one of the three candidates with the, ahem, cajones to steer the DA's office in a direction that makes practical sense from a legal/cost standpoint.

Prosecutors are giving recs and dispensing justice at random. Nothing should outrage the public more than having wildly disparate punishments for the same crime. Each case is different. I get it. However, why does one prosecutor seek time served on a possession of a controlled substance when the defendant had a valid prescription and another prosecutor agree to dismiss when he inherits the case.

Simple. One prosecutor doesn't know the law and isn't being managed while the other prosecutor follows reason.

Want another bone? In a recent DWI trial, the misdemeanor chief arguably committed prosecutorial misconduct when she put an arresting officer on the stand despite the fact that the officer testified he had already told prosecutors that he did not recall anything.

Who's managing these people? It sure as hell isn't Healey. I've never even seen his sorry a$$ in court directing his troops.

Hal, as I've mentioned before, the big "D" on my belt buckle doesn't stand for Duke, it stands for Democrat.

I support Nina Shaefer. She's tough as nails and will bring respect back to 301 Jackson Street.

Hal said...

Yep. Nina Schaefer is the best person on the ballot. That ballot. The ballot I don't vote on.

I hate that ballot.

To those of you who don't take notice: this is the best person that you people have to offer.

I don't like that my backhanded endorsement of Ms. Nina Schaefer will bring grief to her, but I appreciate her effort nonetheless.

Go Nina. Win.

I like your style.

Anonymous said...

FB Dems couldn't find anyone to beat these three losers?