Sunday, February 28, 2010

Did You Ever See a Racist in Fort Bend County?

I did.

Frankly they are all over the place here, and yes, racism crosses party lines. But it is insidious, you see, because racism has been a part of our society since the story of Cain and Abel was twisted into a race war.

I was raised in a country, you see, that let young school children form their opinions on African-Americans by reading this book.

I was raised in a country, you see, that sold orange marmalade with advertisement artwork that looked like this.

I was raised in a country, you see, that had this kind of advertising and this kind of imagery on the outside of a box of pancake mix for decades.
I was raised in a country, you see, that published magazines with full page ads having content just like this.

I was raised next to people who think that this kind of imagery of the President of the United States is proper.
And yes, I now live in an area where a DEMOCRATIC candidate for State Representative in HD 27 thinks that this is a perfectly proper rendering of her African-American opponent.

You know that is racist imagery, but Dora Olivo doesn’t. She, like me, was raised in a country that inundated its citizens with this kind of racist tripe through media and advertising. I learned to hate these racist messages.

Dora Olivo hasn’t because she continues to use ones like them to insert the kind of subtle racist messaging that I had hoped was a thing of the past.

Dora Olivo turns racism to her advantage in an eleventh hour hit piece on her African-American opponent, and that is deplorable.

This makes Olivo, herself, a racist. A racist who doesn’t know she’s a racist.

But she sure as H-E double hockey sticks should.


Marsha said...


I know exactly what you are saying. I too was raised in that environment (much longer than you) and remember in the mid 50's I ate lunch at Woolworths in the small town in Oregon where I lived. One day I came into the store and there were 2 lovely Black girls (as they were called then) sitting at the counter. One girl was very relaxed and the other one looked like she was going to be sick. I sat down next to the nervous girl, smiled, said "Hello" and turned to order lunch. I heard the relaxed girl say "see". Thank God those days are gone, or at least I thought they were. Olivo proved my thoughts were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Who has kept putting this racist on their ballot and electing her?

I blame Cheney and Bush.

Anonymous said...

You must be desperate taking these tactics out of a very old play book and now calling a hispanic female who doesn't agree with your lone issue of abortion and labeling her a "racist". What a bunch of lo-life jerks you are. Color isn't the issue, although you are trying to make it the issue. Integrity and honesty is. Bit enjoy your little rant.

PS I wonder what the local jury had to say? It's too bad you all didn't defend Small this well when he ran and he had much less baggage and nothing like Reynolds on his record.

Hal said...

You mean there is another racist in Fort Bend County besides Dora? You, Anon?

Perish the thought.

Color is the issue as long as you and Dora make it so.

Let's let the local jury decide. Unfortunately these people couldn't again be left alone to decide without some racist last minute mailers sponsored by Bob Perry and his Republican HillPAC money. Dora spends it well. Racistly well.

How do you live with yourself, Anonymous commenter?

Marsha said...

Anon. Who said Dora is Hispanic? Her husband is but I've been told by many people she is of American Indian decent but denies it and calls herself Hispanic. Shame on her, our early beginnings as a Nation included the Proud Indians.

Anonymous said...

Dora probably got Robert Byrd's hooded endorsement.

Mark said...

Reminded me of this:

Anonymous said...

It does not matter whether Dora is Hispanic or Native American, racist,Dora Olivo could still be-----you see, no matter the racial or ethnic group, other than, of obvious African descent, whenever racism rears its insidious head, all other groups still consider themselves, superior; and so, then it is not improbable that Dora could not be racist, covert intended purposely; or benignly, overt--not intended, but, nonetheless effecting the same outcomes and results.

Anonymous said...

Clarification: to the above comment--I was thinking and writing too fast; I have my overt and covert meanings transposed so here is the corrected version of my intended meaning:

It is not improbable that Dora could be racist in Samboing, Aunt Jemimying, and OJaying Ron Reynolds' photo to trivialize and marginalizing him and to darken him and make him appear sinister and criminal; whether her racist attacks were overt and intended purposely; or benignly, covert--not intended; but, nonetheless, effecting the same outcomes and results. Whether Dora Olivo's deepen intent was overt or covert, it, indeed, was racist and she achieved in putting into play within her "dirty politicis", to boot, a racist act to actualized racism.

Anonymous said...

All of stinking Fort Bend County is racist! I grew up seeing racist garbage in that area and I'm very glad I moved away from that.