Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kesha Rogers On You Tube – Getting the Word Out

Nutty LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers is doing her very best to get herself out into the public view any way she can. Amazingly, Fort Bend Now is currently featuring a video of her on their website.

She is doing a bang-up job broadcasting to Democrats of TX-22 how much she wants to impeach President Barack Obama – although she isn’t altogether clear what heinous offenses President Obama has committed to warrant impeachment.

I guess we don’t have to worry about that, she’ll think up stuff later just like Bart Starr did.

The really funny thing about this, though, is that apparently she thinks that Democratic primary voters are also enraged at Barack Obama and will cast their primary vote for her over say, Doug Blatt, the only real Democrat on the CD-22 ballot. So she is actually proudly announcing this very strange anti-Democratic demand where ever and whenever she can.

Which seems strange because she has enviable ballot positions in Fort Bend and Harris Counties – the two populous counties within CD-22 boundaries. The theory goes that a completely ignorant Democratic primary voter, not knowing any of the candidates or their positions, would opt for the first one on the list.

Or the second.

But no, Kesha Rogers is getting herself out there informing the uninformed about how truly wacky her ideas are.

So I thought I would help out.

Here is Kesha’s video as seen at Fort Bend Now.

Go, Kesha, go.


Marsha said...


Is Pete Olson funding her campaign?

Hal said...

It wouldn't surprise me, Marsha. A couple or three days ago I was contacted by a poll in Princeton NJ with questions about Pete Olson. From the structure of the question it was clear to me that Pete would like to run against Kesha in November.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Doug Blatt has the top position on the Harris county ballot. That is the only county out of the four (Harris, Ft Bend, Brazoria, Galveston) where he won the draw. Unfortunately, he is positioned third on the other 3 county ballots.

Hopefully there won't be too many people that go to a Democratic Party primary polling booth without having done their research to know who the real Democrat is.

Margaret said...

Ha! I guess you guys had to eat your words, and whatever else!

Kesha won! She won because she is the only real Democrat and the only with real solution and the guts to fight for them. Thank God!

You fools...the nation is dying and you are so smug and cynical you can't even see who's killing it and who can save it!