Sunday, February 07, 2010

Teabagger’s Remorse

Now that the Teabagger convention in Nashville is history, along with a truly uninspired speech delivered by a moronic half term former governor of the least populous state in America, now that all of that is over it is time for them to sit and reflect on the state of things now compared to how it was, say, twenty years ago.

Teabaggers must look back to those days fondly. Days when we knew who the enemy was because they carried AK-47s and bazookas. When the enemy wore red stars on their uniforms and didn’t try to blow up their underpants onboard a commercial flight.

Teabaggers must look back on those days with fond regret.

Don’t believe me?

I offer in evidence the musical stylings of Billy Cerveny who has his latest rendering up on You Tube. Cerveny is affiliated with The Daily Caller, a Teabagger website founded by Tucker Carlson and Nell Patel, is dedicated to the celebration all things absurd in America.

Dear Mr. Gorbachev

Typical Teabagger.

“The Cold War it was cooler”?

Does this guy have any inkling of how many people were murdered by the Soviet Union? By the KGB? By the STASI?

Have an inkling of how many people are walking around today that still bear the physical and mental scars of ill treatment by the Soviets? And yet we have this guy yearning to go back to those days because it's so much harder now.

I give you Teabaggers USA (Unbelievably Stupid Adversaries)

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