Monday, February 15, 2010

Texas CD – 14 Candidates Speak at the Fort Bend Democrats’ Candidate’s Forum

Finally, we have one last contested primary race in Fort Bend County to post video on. The only other contested race that I haven’t covered from the candidate's forum last week is the race for County Chair. The incumbent County Chair, Elaine Bishop, failed to show up at the forum, making my life easier at least.

However, two candidates for the Democratic nomination to run against Ron Paul in Texas’ 14th Congressional District did appear to state their respective cases. There are actually three candidates in the race, Jeff Cherry, Winston Cochran, and Robert Pruett, but Cherry did not make an appearance.

Perhaps because he was outed as a Republican in Democrat’s clothing. He was actually videoed at a Teabagger rally stating that he was going to run in the primary against Ron Paul. He changed his mind just as he changed his party.

This leaves Cochran and Pruett.

Now I have previously endorsed Robert Pruett on this blog, and I stand by that endorsement. I think Pruett can do it.

But Winston Cochran, who went first to speak, spent much of his time defending allegations that he is not really a Democrat. And I will allow that what he says is the absolute truth: in 1998 he ran for statewide office for the Court of Criminal Appeals. He ran as a Democrat.

Here’s the video.

His website can be found here.

No argument. Here is a screenshot of the election results of that election from the Texas Secretary of State’s website:

Yep, that’s Winston Cochran there, listed as DEM losing to Cheryl Johnson the REP.

But that’s not the whole story, is it. Six years prior to his run for Court of Criminal Appeals he ran in the Republican primary for State Rep in HD 135. Here is the screenshot for that from the same Texas SOS website:
Fair is fair. That is Winston Cochran placing 3rd in a field of 4 in the Republican primary.

Now admittedly, that was 18 years ago. Lots of things happen in 18 years. But in coming to a conclusion on whether to support Pruett or Cochran in this primary, I had to ask myself the question that I often do in cases like this: when does the statute of limitations run out on the crime of Voting While Republican?

Robert Pruett then got the microphone, admitted to a couple of physical issues that arose in his long wait to speak at the forum, and then concluded with dignity.

This is where you can find Robert Pruett’s website.

I still think he can do it. By sheer contrast he is going to make Dr. Paul look like the Libertarian ideologue that he is.

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