Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Republican Primary Voters Get to Vote Twice

All eyes are on the Republican primary voters as they sort out who is going to be their choice for Texas Governor Nominee. Including Rasmussen.

In its latest Texas polling, Rasmussen has the 3-way race for Republican nominee with Rick Perry firmly in the lead with 44% to Hutchison’s 29% and Debra Medina’s 16%.

Leaving 11% undecided.

All that tells me is that the Rasmussen poll was not a poll of likely primary voters because I highly doubt that anyone who will be voting in the Republican primary starting 13 days from now has yet to make up his or her mind.

That’s just absurd.

But the other numbers look about right.

So with that 11 percent gone, and 100% being the new 89%, here is what the numbers actually look like.

Perry: 49%
Hutchison: 33%
Medina: 18%


No majority. Not unless Perry can woo away some Medina voters which is the only well he can draw from. Hutchison voters who are looking to make their vote count in an otherwise hopeless cause are not streaming to Perry because Hutchison represents the anyone but Perry vote.

Instead, according to Rasmussen, Medina is getting converts from Hutchison.

From Rasmussen Reports:

“Medina has gained four points since the previous survey while Hutchison has lost four points. Perry's support is little changed from a month ago.”

So my guess, if the trend holds, we will see a Republican governor runoff primary to be held on April 13th.

April 13th. Two days before federal income taxes are due.

Meaning of course, that if Rick Perry can’t pull it off in March with primary voters, something that up until just a couple of weeks ago I thought would be a shoe-in, he will definitely get the job done two days before Teabaggers will have to mail in their federal income tax returns.

Giving Democrats another reason to give thanks to Jesus for His Good Works getting Rick Perry back on the ballot in November.

And no, not so Perry can make mincemeat out of Farouk Shami. No way. You see, I think Jesus loves His Palestinian follower just as much as He loves Bill White, I really do. But I think Jesus knows that the Party of the Dark Side will have a tougher time beating a popular mayor AND successful businessman than beating a successful businessman.

A successful businessman whose name most Texans associate with guys who try to blow up their underpants.

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