Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Failure of Leadership in the Fort Bend County Democratic Party

You’ve heard me rail on about why, in Fort Bend County, Democrats who want to file in a primary election are made to wait until the last day of filing. Why something as simple as a name like “Steve” is difficult to spell on a ballot. You may have read elsewhere how mis-spellings are rife in the county party this year.

All of this underlines the bold incompetence that defines the cabal that currently serves as Democratic Party leadership in Fort Bend County. Elaine Bishop and her coterie of sycophants need a vacation. A long vacation.

I was struck by the incompetence of the Party Chair and her assistants a few evenings back as I sat and listened to two individuals, one who I knew from the ‘08 campaign and the other I had just met. These two offered their own personal experiences of the Chair’s incompetence and policies. We all knew the Chair has a problem returning her calls. We all know that her Voicemail inbox often fills up so you can’t even leave a message. It’s a joke among some of us. But the reality is that this gross incompetence does real harm.

And one thing we cannot afford in the coming years is incompetent Party leadership in light of the coming voter shift in Fort Bend County that is being forecast by demographers.

I sat and listened to them tell their stories, and then I sat and listened to Steve Brown, who is running against Elaine Bishop for County Chair. And, yes, I videoed the whole thing.

First, I apologize for the unsteady hand. Somehow I left at home that thingy that allows me to mount my camera to a tripod, so I held the camera in my hands and tried to keep as still as I could sitting turned around in my chair for 18 looooong minutes.

Steve had lots to say but I decided that I needed a theme. He was nowhere near as negative as he sounds. That was me. I edited the video to emphasize the incompetence of his opponent.

So here it is in all its 9-minute long glory (apologies again): why we need new leadership in the Fort Bend County Democratic Party.


Susan said...

What I liked best about his speech is that he had specific examples of what he wants to do as county chair.

I also think we should ask both Chelsie Wilson and Q to run for office. They both are examples of what this county needs.

Anonymous said...

How come you all aren't posting any support comments for Ms. Bishop?

Hal said...

Because, Anon, I all don't support Ms. Bishop. Ms. Bishop has run the Democratic Party, as it exists in Fort Bend County, into the ground. Her supporters, deluded and vocal, don't get to have a voice here.

I want Democrats to win in Fort Bend County. I don't see how that can happen with Elaine Bishop as the party leader.

Want a public forum, Anon? Go make one for yourself. This is not a public forum. This is a political blog with an aim to take it back here in Fort Bend County. Elaine Bishop cannot, and will not help us do that.

Elaine Bishop was invited to defend her record this evening at a Candidate's forum. She did not attend. She was the only contested candidate in the Fort Bend County primary not to attend. 150 Democrats were there. Where was she?

Attend to her inattention. Attend to her anti-democratic policies. Elaine Bishop needs to take a vacation (and give up her free cell phone).

Attend to the issues, Anon. Steve Brown has the tools and the talent. He is the number one reason why Republicans would oppose him in the primary.

Saaaaay . . . Anon, you wouldn't be a shill for the Republican Party would you? That would also be predictable.