Tuesday, February 09, 2010

For Democratic Candidate for State land Commissioner: Hector Uribe

Yes, this is another Half Empty primary endorsement, this time for Texas Land Commissioner. I will cast my vote for Hector Uribe and I think you should, too.

Here are my reasons:

Hector Uribe knows Austin. He spent 12 years in the state legislature and state senate. He did this when the legislature was a functional thing and not the bickering body that we are now burdened with for 140 days every other year.

Hector Uribe runs a law practice that specializes in government relations. While he has not held office in twenty years, for the past 14 years he has been an active participant in state government.

And finally, Hector Uribe knows how to make me laugh on what was otherwise a very troubled and stressful day.

Hector Uribe has an elegant sense of humor.

Here is a press release from the Uribe campaign from yesterday:
Hector Uribe weighs in on Ag Commissioner race dust-up

Austin) Fearlessly wading into the escalating war of words between Democratic Agriculture Commissioner candidates Hank Gilbert and Kinky Friedman, Democratic Land Commissioner candidate Hector Uribe said the following today:

“I have no idea if there was a ‘bribe,’ and if there was one, who bribed whom. But I’d like to make the suggestion that if anybody’s returning any contributions, if they could instead just contribute that money to the Hector Uribe for Land Commissioner Campaign, that would be way cool.”
I agree. That would be way cool. Besides, Farouk Shami doesn’t need the money that he gave to Hank Gilbert just days after Gilbert not only dropped out of the race for governor but then turned around and endorsed his former political opponent, Farouk Shami.

Shami doesn’t need it, nor do his campaign workers. They are being well compensated by the billionaire hair care entrepreneur.

But Hector Uribe could use the coin, which is some serious money from what I hear.

Oh and by the way, without commenting on the White/Shami debate last night because I think most people came away with the same opinions I did, did you see how Bill White absolutely towered over his cowboy boot-shod opponent? I’ve never met or seen Shami except for on camera, but have met and shaken the hand of Bill White.

Shaken the hand of Bill White while my head was seriously tilted downward.

Bill White is not a large man.

So how tall is Farouk Shami, anyway, and does he qualify, legally, as a Little Person?

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