Friday, February 26, 2010

Fort Bend County Democratic Party Chair Agrees to Another Polling Location Change

Shades of 2008.

In 2008 the Elections Office in Republican-dominated Fort Bend County government pulled a fast one by changing the Election Day polling locations of two Democratic-dominated precincts.

I mentioned it in this piece back then.

Back then the county Elections Office changed the polling locations of Precincts 2123 and 1114, both of them strong Democratic precincts. But they made the mistake of announcing the change 3 weeks before Election Day.

I remember it well. My Democratic Club printed and mailed at its expense notification of the polling location change to each and every resident of the affected area.

At the same time we railed at each other why our County Chair, Elaine Bishop, would allow that to happen. Isn’t she supposed to protect the votes of each and every Democrat in Fort Bend County?

And now it has happened again.

Only this time the Elections Office waited until the last minute.

They do learn.

The polling location for Democratic majority precinct 1076 has been changed at the last minute. And obviously, with the assent of our Party Chair.

Precinct 1076 used to vote at Holy Cross Episcopal Church near just outside of River Park West. It has now been moved down the freeway to River Pointe Community Church on Ransom Road. Here is the precinct map.

Yes, two separate communities joined by one two-lane road.

So now, even if a Precinct 1076 voter looks on their voter registration card to remind themselves of where they go and vote, that address will be wrong. But usually voters don’t even look it up, they just go where they always go.

We can only hope that enough voters do show up at the polls and vote for Change in Fort Bend County.

Vote for Steve Brown for Fort Bend County Democratic Chair.

Oh, did I mention what was Elaine Bishop's reaction to my Democratic Club's action in response to her inaction? Were we thanked? Appreciated? Not on your life.

She criticized the group for meddling.

I am not kidding.


John Coby said...

Get the TDP to sue the living crap out of the County. They did if to Harris County and they got their attention.

Anonymous said...

Well now, when we have Democrats voting like Republicans and Democrats cooperating with Republicans-----That does not seem like actions in the best interest of Democrats.

And it certainly makes me wonder is there more to this than meets the eye? What is this "really" about and what does it signify?

Hal said...

I agree. I have often wondered why our Chair has bent to the will of the Republican Party. I really don't think it is ideological. I think Elaine Bishop is truly a Democrat. But I have had commenters here who have not had their comments posted make it clear to me that Hank Woji's great, great song "Pigs at the Trough" applies to some on the left as well as to some on the right.

Anonymous said...

I am naïve.which elected republican makes the decisions on such voting location moves

Hal said...

Pretty much anyone who is in the network. Fort Bend government is dominated by a single political party. They attend the same functions. They do business with each other.

That is what we have been dealing with, Anon. Any one of them has input. For any petty purpose whatsoever.

It is H-E-double hockey sticks for Democrats here. That is a fact.

Jenny said...

If Elaine agreed to these changes, then I don't see where there is any way to complain.

However, if she did NOT agree to the first one, then I believe the Federal Elections Commission should be sent a certified letter about this.
Is it against the law to change a polling place without notifying the voters in that Precinct? Thanks