Sunday, February 21, 2010

Republicans in a Fracas in Fort Bend County

You had to know it was going to happen. Here in mean-spirited Fort Bend County where Republicans have had a stranglehold on government for decades now, when they have a primary they treat it like the General Election because they have had it their way for so long that they forget themselves and go at each other in public without mercy or remorse.

Witness the current primary race between Rick Forlano and Jeff McMeans. Both are running for the Republican nomination in an open seat in County Court-At-Law #2.

A seat being vacated by Jeff McMeans’ daddy, (as Forlano refers to him), Walter S. McMeans who is retiring.

All over my development Jeff McMeans’ campaign signs sprang up. They were even starting to challenge the primacy of which DA candidate’s signs were most numerous.

But something happened, and where you once saw a forest of McMeans signs up and down the block, they have all been taken down, but I think not by the usual method of sign stealing. That only happens to my signs.

My curiosity over this phenomenon was satisfied like the perennial curious cat this weekend when I listened to a voicemail message left on my phone the day before. It was a very poor quality recording of a guy speaking into a wastebasket or something. It insinuated that Jeff McMeans was a wife beater (without saying it) and that the county DA’s office made the case simply go away.

A double shot, if you will, against McMeans as well as County DA John Healey, who was the County DA when the recording reports that the county sheriff had forwarded a domestic violence case “to prosecution” (also known as the County DA).

So, mystery solved, right? The Good Republicans of my development might think it’s fitting and proper to steal my lawn signs, but reprehensible to be a wife beater or in this case, accused of it in a whispering campaign.

And yes, I downloaded the recording, and no, I am not putting it up for you to hear. That, I fear would benefit the campaign of Rick Forlano who thinks he’s got the election in the bag and has won Jeff McMeans’ daddy’s job.

No, I think I’ll save that for later in case Republicans who go to the primary simply go there to vote for the ones they have always voted for, in this case, for a guy by the name of McMeans.

It could be useful later on.

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