Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And Then There Were Nine

I haven’t been keeping a really accurate count, but from what I can see we now have nine Tea Party candidates vying against Democrats in the November election in either gubernatorial contests or for seats in the US Senate.

Tea Party crazy woman Sharron Angle beat mainstream Republican Sue Lowden mainly because of Lowden’s off-the-wall remark about paying your doctor bill with chickens – and not backing down on it. Apparently she was trying to out-crazy Sharron Angle, and it worked.

So now the contest that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was slated to lose, and lose big, is now a toss-up.

Then what about Colorado where we had a two-fer in Ken Buck and Dan Maes who vied for the US Senate nomination and the Republican nomination for governor, respectively. They both beat out their moderate Republican opponents, former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton and former Congressman Scott McInnis. McInnis, recall was his own worst enemy when he was caught plagiarizing the written work of others – for money – twice. McInnis thought the voters wouldn’t mind because they were interested in jobs and the economy. And he obviously underestimated Coloradans’ sense of integrity and fair play.

So both Teabagger candidates will face much better off Democratic candidates in Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper who is mayor of Colorado’s biggest city, Denver, and Democratic Senate candidate Mike Bennett who was appointed to take Ken Salazar’s seat when he was appointed Secretary of the Interior. Anti-incumbent fever or no, Ken Buck is a conservative reactionary who was also identified as having ethics problems and was actually ordered by Colorado’s AG to attend ethics classes.

Or South Carolina, where Nikki Haley took Sarah Palin’s endorsement and turned it into an upset over mainstream Republican candidate Congressman Gresham Barrett in the state’s gubernatorial primary. South Carolina Bubbas will now have to decide between a Democratic candidate, Vincent Sheheen, and Haley, daughter of Indian Sikh immigrants. Haley has already been labeled a “raghead” by one classless Republican state senator. Haley is still ahead in the polls, but you can always count on southern white rednecks to do the “right” thing and vote for the white man or not vote at all.

Tea Partier Rand Paul, in his victory over establishment Republican candidate Trey Grayson for a vacant Kentucky US Senate seat has evened up the chances of Democratic candidate Jack Conway, especially now that Paul has come out against the Civil Right Act. His board certification as an ophthalmologist, by the way, was revealed to have been rendered by Paul’s own organization the National Board of Ophthalmologists. Another ethically challenged Republican Senate candidate.

Mike Lee, a Tea Party candidate for Utah’s US Senate seat, is highly likely to take the spot in November. The DC Republicans will have to deal with Lee’s unconventional wisdom in his fractured interpretation of the US Constitution and his desire to abolish whole departments, Education, Energy and the like.

Then when Alaska’s Joe Miller beat Senate incumbent Lisa Murkowsky, You do have to wonder if he is so ideologically challenged that even Alaskans will have trouble deciding between him and the underdog Democratic candidate. His plan to decrease the amount of tax dollars that Alaska disproportionately receives from the feds may just create a small tickle in their wallet pockets.

Then what about last night? Carl “Pornographic Racist” Paladino won against establishment candidate Fazio and will face New York AG Andrew Cuomo in November for Governor of New York.

But the icing on the cake goes to Delaware which just handed the Democrats Joe Biden’s senate seat when its Republican primary voters nominated Christine O’Donnell, another Palin-backed constant candidate who beat out 30 year veteran Mike Castle. Castle, had he won the primary was a cinch to become the next senator from Delaware. But O’Donnell essentially pulled a Nikki Haley and came from behind with Palin’s endorsement. O’Donnell is so sexually repressed that she opposes all loving except that between a heterosexual couple – married, naturally. And that means ALL loving. Even self-loving.

And now tonight I am hearing that the RSCC is running for cover on O'Donnell's candidacy.

Good for you Delaware Republicans.

Nice job.

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