Monday, September 13, 2010

Signs of the Times

I love it when the campaign signs come out on the lawns . You can see how people like to vote. But this year there is an extra added attraction.

Take for instance this supporter of Jeff McMeans. McMeans is running for County Court at Law No. 2, a court whose current judge is retiring. McMeans, daddy. Note how McMeans’s supporter has positioned his sign in front of his house.

On the parkway.

Now McMeans’ supporter may cut that grass but the land is in the public right-of-way and as such is being used illegally by this person who supports a guy running to uphold the law.

Irony is sweet sometimes.

Then there is this one that I have seen in a few places around the county now. It is being distributed by the local county Republican Party, but it is actually a product of a PAC. The Fort Bend County Women’s Club PAC to be specific, a group that actually does not exist. Try it.

What draws my attention is the glaring spelling error on the sign.

“We can’t afford anymore change.”

“Anymore” spelled as one word, is an adverb that means “presently” or “nowadays.”

As in “We can’t afford change anymore.”

But the way the ladies have positioned the word, and if it is truly mis-spelled, they apparently mean to say that additional change cannot be afforded. Two words, “any” and “more” means “additional.”

When I pointed this out to an English teacher today she just rolled her eyes and said “why do we try?”

And truly, I have asked myself this question time and time again. It’s like the local women’s PAC is channeling Teabagger spelling that we see on their hand-lettered signs.

But when we break sign posting laws to support a judicial candidate, or we break the rules of spelling and grammar to make a political point, when it is the Republicans doing it, it’s all good.

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