Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rick Perry’s High Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

Yes, when you pay your homeowner’s insurance, if you are like me, you pay it through your mortgage company in monthly installments.

That way you don’t really see the bill. You see it once a year. But because you pay it in 12 monthly installments along with interest, taxes and pay down of the principle, you don’t realize that the amounts you are paying for homeowner’s insurance are among the highest in the nation.

But this installment option keeps it all nearly invisible unless you are willing to dissect your yearly mortgage statement.

Yes, here in Texas where our homes are mainly built by immigrant labor and we have among the lowest $ per square footage building costs as a result, we pay the highest premiums and most people are unaware of that.

Thank your governor, Rick Perry for that.

Back to Basics has a new video that exposes Rick Perry and his campaign contributors for letting the home insurance industry become virtual kleptomaniacs on the legit.

Texans can’t afford high insurance rates. Texas can’t afford Rick Perry.

Bill White for Texas.

Bill White for Governor.

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