Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bill White Receives Houston Chronicle Endorsement

It was not a big surprise for me to find out today that the Houston Chronicle was the first major daily in Texas’ largest media area endorsed Bill White as Texas’ next governor.

It wasn’t a big surprise, but it was nice to see that Houston’s own daily stepped up first in what is about to be a chorus of demand for change.

“Texas can't afford four more years of Perry's leadership.”
“The governor has shown a distaste for dealing with budget details, fobbing them off on the Legislature and even suggesting in a recent news conference that Comptroller Susan Combs had better uses of her time than issuing deficit projections.”
“Fortunately, voters have the opportunity to replace Republican Perry with former Houston Mayor Bill White, a Democrat with credentials as a successful lawyer, corporate CEO and public servant who demonstrated his management capabilities and hard-work ethic during a six-year tenure at City Hall.”
The choice cannot be clearer. Rick Perry is in the 24th year of political office and wants an unprecedented 3rd term as governor to do to Texas, and for his friends and cronies, exactly what he has done for them (and himself) in the past: getting rich off the backs of hard-working Texans.

The Chronicle is the first, but I predict right here and now that it won’t be the last major Texas daily to endorse Bill White.

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