Thursday, September 02, 2010

Brain Fart for Arizona Governor Brewer

The way Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona shoots off her racist neoconservative mouth whenever she is placed in front of a microphone, it is a singular event to see the governor placed in front of a television camera at a formal debate and watch her go through the equivalent of flatulence of the brain. Here is the brain fart at 00:35 that extended to 00:51 but a precursor to the whole thing can be seen at 00:11.

The governor claimed later in an interview that she was “only human,” neglecting to acknowledge that one needs to set one’s humanity on the shelf whilst engaged in a formal televised debate. It absolutely made Gerald Ford’s slowly growing nasal drip pale in comparison.

Remember that? Engaged in formal debate with Jimmy Carter, Ford’s head was in a tight shot as clear fluid appeared below his right nostril and slowly rolled down his upper lip. No one knows what he said just then because everyone was watching the nasal drip wondering what kinds of things were going through his mind as he studiously ignored what everyone in the country was watching with rapt attention.

Likewise Brewer. One wonders what Arizona voters came away with. Surely they spent lots of time mulling over what brought on that 16 second lapse in which she started to sound like Miss Teen South Carolina in her ramble about “the Iraq” and “such as.” Incipient Alzheimer’s? Something she saw on the paper she was reading? Mental shutdown equivalent to when she decided that it was a grand idea to usurp federal authority?

Arizonans will probably send Brewer back to the governor’s office, but now they have to wonder whether the woman possesses all of her mental faculties.

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