Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Christine O’Donnell Won in Delaware

Ever wonder where those 1500 votes came from that brought Teabagger candidate Christine O’Donnell the Republican nomination to fill Joe Biden’s Delaware senate seat? I must tell you that I have. Up until this year, O’Donnell has had no problem getting the nomination, but with a challenger like Mike Castle, an old Republican war horse and a 30-year veteran to boot, it seemed just about academic, especially since all the polls had Castle winning the seat in November against the Democratic nominee, Chris Coons.

Even Karl Rove was nonplussed at O’Donnell’s success.

Well wonder no more. Bill Maher has the answer. Christine O’Donnell has Wicca in her background.

Now it is well known that Wiccans worship the primeval Earth Mother Herself: Gaea. Before we had Baal, before we had YHWH, before we had Jesus, we had Gaea, the Mother of us all.

And Gaea made sure that Christine O’Donnell pulled the rug out from under Mike “Sure Shot” Castle to become the Republican nominee.

All hail Gaea.

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