Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Is It About the New Democratic Party Logo?

I got an email message this morning from the DNC asking me whether I wanted them to send me a new sticker that has their “new look”. I first saw the new logo of the Democratic Party last night on Bill Maher’s cable talk show “Real Time.” Here is what it looks like.
And Maher correctly called it. Who the heck thinks that this logo is going to get any more votes this year? Maher also correctly compared the new logo to the professional baseball club of Chicago, the Cubs, which is currently having a losing season.

I, on the other hand, have become firmly convinced that someone is painting a target on Democrats this year.
But where it comes from, its origin is totally obvious to me.

Where that came from, I’ll leave to the pundits. All I know is that circular logos have been with us for a long, long time.

Cars have them.

Soft drink companiess have them.

Cancer Stick companies have them.

And yes, even football clubs, er, soccer clubs have them.

My point is, maybe someone should rethink this one. Minimalism, as a concept, is a notion that often elicits a series of these: ??????????????????????????????

And also that the one that they came up with reminds me too much of this.

No, we Democrats just have to do better than a blue circle with a blue D. Something that carries more of a message, I think. Like one I recently saw for the Republican Party.

I have to hand it to the Republicans. For Logo meisters, they still have what it takes.

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