Sunday, September 12, 2010

At the Fort Bend County LGBT Caucus Inaugural

I just came back from an event where there were gay people there.

Now in truth, every event that I have ever attended has had some gay people in attendance as well, but this was a singular event in that it was by and for the gay community of Fort Bend County.

And their straight friends and supporters.

Being of the latter persuasion, I found myself woefully ignorant of the fact that their keynote speaker, Houston Mayor Anise Parker, found her political beginnings and her political voice in the Houston gay movement. Her ability to remain calm in what would ordinarily be a contentious meeting extends from her experiences and actions within the movement.

Now in total, I recorded about 20 minutes of speechifying by Ms. Dawson and Mayor Parker and while I know maybe some of you will want to see all of it, I also know that many can’t take much of that. So I have been selective and include what I consider to be the high points of both deliveries. It still runs over 11 minutes so bear with me.


Anonymous said...

What a collection of white people. Were people of color invited?

Hal said...

Yes, Anon, there are gay people who are not white. There are also non-white people who believe that liberty isn't just to be afforded to heterosexuals.

The camera never panned the audience but yes, Anon, the crowd was ethnically divers.