Thursday, September 16, 2010

Travis County Risks Lines at the Polls for Harris County

Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir, a Democrat like all the rest of the county-wide elected officials there, has issued a warning to county voters that they should expect longer lines at the polls this upcoming election.

The reason being that Travis County went ahead and loaned Harris County some of its eSlate voting machines so that they could hold an election this fall. Because someone burned up each and every one of Harris County’s 10,000 paperless voting machines.

Now I have no problem with jumping in and sharing when a fellow County Clerk finds herself with no voting machines, because Travis County is heavily Democratic these days and Harris County is still infected with Republicans who are strongly anti-voter. Maybe they can take a slight hit in voter numbers because of their sheer numbers.

But what if this whole thing backfires? What if long lines in Travis County, a blue county, depresses turnout, and long lines in Harris County does the same? These are two of the most populous counties in Texas. I would sure hate to see that this hateful act perpetrated on Harris County voters by a vote suppression terrorist affects the Democratic turnout of not just one Democratic county, but two.

It’s a little risky, all I’m sayin’.

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