Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Just in Time for Mid-Term Elections

They want your money.

At the box office.

For the cost of just one theater ticket, oh and some popcorn and Coke for 8 bucks, you can go and see I Want Your Money at the picture show this fall.

Just in time for mid-term elections.

Gee, do you think they had that planned?

The movie is written and directed by Ray Griggs, apparently Teabagger’s answer to Michael Moore. Except Moore knows satire and how to spin some irony like no one else. Griggs’ idea of humor is as stale as the moldering sour dough bread in my fridge.

Griggs is also known for making an 8 minute movie short about Satan and his battle with the Archangel Michael.

He also produced the “I must be a racist” ad that ran in the run up to the healthcare reform bill’s passing in the House.

All I can say is, yep.

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