Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UT AK-47 Shooter’s Actions are “Highly Suspicious”

In the news earlier today we hear that a University of Texas student sent people ducking for cover early this morning as he showed up to the campus with his AK-47 and popped off a few rounds outside, hitting no one, and then ran to the Perry-Castenada Library (PCL), fired a few more rounds before ending his own life on the library’s fifth floor.

Coincidentally, it seems that John Lott, a national figure that argues for legalizing the carrying of concealed weapons on university campuses, was going to present his arguments to UT students at the UT Law School at 6:30 this very evening.

However, in view of the fact that the campus suffered an attack by a student who was carrying a weapon that was decidedly not concealable, unless you are wearing a long trench coat, which this student was not, the Lott presentation was cancelled.

Causing the person at this website to label the AK-47 wielding student’s actions “highly suspicious.”

Not “highly suspicious” in the sense that someone who carries a semi-automatic rifle onto a university campus and then fires off a few rounds before ending his own life. Not that kind of “highly suspicious.”

No, we’re talking “highly suspicious” in that it was obviously the sole intent of this AK-47 student to disrupt the Lott presentation on the merits of carrying concealed weapons onto a college campus. Disrupt it and possibly get it cancelled.

"The fact that the shooting occurred prior to the talk is, to say the least, highly suspicious."
Is that just about the craziest thing you’ve ever heard? Obviously, they seem to claim, this student came on campus fully intending to pepper the place with live ammo and then take his own life – all to prevent John Lott from speaking.

Now it occurred to me that what this guy just proved was that Lott might have a pretty good idea. Had all the students who shared the campus with the shooter seen him opening up on them, they could all have simultaneously pulled out their nines and drilled him from 18 directions.

And no, I don’t think that’s a particularly good idea. Guns and colleges are about as incompatible as guns and booze.

But read the article, and all the commenters. These people are convinced that the UT gunman was actually working to oppose the Lott presentation.

And would end his life for his cause.

Proof positive that owning a license to carry a concealed weapon does not require a minimum IQ.

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