Friday, September 03, 2010

Stay Classy Fort Bend Republicans

The Republicans in Fort Bend County seem to be pretty self-assured of a massive victory this fall. They are starting to believe their own hype.

Forget the fact that President Obama’s popularity is flagging of late. Not only has he been crucified by racist neoconservatives, we on the left have lost some of our regard for him because he simply won’t go on the offensive and call their lies . . . well, lies.

Forget that because we have one and only one federal office holder on the ballot here in Fort Bend, Pete Olson. His opponent is a laughable Tinfoil Hat-wearing LaRouche Democrat. Olson’s going to win and win big time.

Olson will win. Period.

The other office holders on the ballot? Republicans, all of them Republicans. Well all Republicans except for Democrats in safe Democratic districts.

Toss out the incumbents is the battle cry of Teabaggers everywhere.

Well, in Texas, the incumbents are Republicans.

But Fort Bend Republicans are very, very primed for victory in November. So primed that some very unsavory types among them have all sent in this flyer to the Fort Bend County Democratic Headquarters in Richmond.

Yes, I had to airbrush out the profanity. This is a PG rated website after all.

So that is what the Republicans are spending their time doing. Sending profane flyers to the Democratic Party.

Not block walking.
Not phone banking.
Not putting out campaign signs.
Not opening up a campaign headquarters.

And that’s all fine with me. And the literature they do send out? Isn’t it nice to see your basest suspicions of the moral compass of these people confirmed in spades?

Stay classy, Fort Bend Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

Fort Bend Blue in 2010!!!!!!