Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bill White Needs Texas’ Independent Voters

I’ve mentioned it here, and have seen an incredible story on it here, and I’ll say it again: Bill White is on the verge of winning the race for the office of Governor of Texas (despite what a majority of women seem to be set on doing in this election). Polls have the race between Bill White and Rick “Pretty Boy” Perry tightening up, and if you believe in the conservative slant of the Rasmussen Poll, they are closer than anyone thinks.

But there is still a whole host of undecided likely voters out there. Voters who label themselves as Independents, that is, vote for the man and not the party. Bill White thinks their indecision is mainly due to the fact that they are still unaware of Rick Perry’s opponent. They don’t like what Perry has done to their state, but don’t have a handle on who his opponent is, and whether he will do a better job than Perry has for average Texans.

Perry has done a great job for his friends, cronies, and friends of friends. Those are Perry’s safe votes – his base, if you will. Independents simply need to be convinced of that and that Bill White’s record of public service speaks for itself.

Independents are in the catbird’s seat again this year. It will be they that will decide this election. The time is now to get in touch with them. The time is now to let them know that while Bill White isn’t exactly another pretty face, he more than makes up for his “camera candy” opponent in getting the job done for Texans.

Early voting starts in a mere 3 weeks, October 18th.

Time to get serious.

Bill says so, too.

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