Saturday, September 04, 2010

Michelle Bachmann is on the Ropes

Teabagger caucus leader Congresscreep Michelle Bachmann is in deep, deep trouble. The news finally got through to her when Howard Dean’s Democracy for America announced that it had collected $22,000 in donations to the campaign of Democratic opponent Minnesota State Senator Tarryl Clark.

In twenty-four hours.

In the middle of the slow recovery from the Recession of 2008-09.

When the unemployment rate hit 9.6%, Tarryl Clark’s campaign got a cash infusion from an internet-based fundraiser.

People are sick and tired of seeing the crazed face of Michelle Bachmann. Sick of hearing her crazed rants.

Sick to death of Michelle Bachmann.

Minnesotans, I hear, are becoming very disenchanted with their congressperson. Someone who is all about getting her face on the national scene. Someone who sees herself as another Sarah Palin.

So Bachmann is using the DFA to get more money out of her Teabagger base, not realizing that getting money from Teabaggers, people who are notorious for not wanting to give their money to anyone, is very much like trying to get blood out of a turnip.

From her latest fundraiser letter:

“His [Howard Dean’s] far-left liberal organization, "Democracy for America" raised $22,000 in 24 hours to defeat me and have bragged about it to media outlets. They're using this as an example of how much liberals like Dean want to see me defeated. Let's show them we're not going anywhere. I need your immediate support to fight back against this liberal surge of money in my race.”

I never thought I’d ever say this, but poor Michelle Bachmann. A woman so deluded as to ask a bunch of overweight, deluded, old white people (aka her base) for more money.

Shouldn’t she, at this point, be turning her face upward to Jesus? Jesus, to her mind, would never allow Tarryl Clark to usurp her from her congressional seat. So maybe she should just go “all in” as we say in Texas Hold-Em, and stop the whining. And for heaven’s sake, stop asking Teabaggers for more money.

That’s just embarrassing.

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