Saturday, September 29, 2012

Congressman Batman Gets Ugly

Adam West (well, not the guy who played Batman in the 60’s series) is getting a little down and dirty in his campaign to fight off a young whippersnapper who dares to challenge his re-election. The Florida congressman, redistricted into a Democrat-friendly district, has opted to run in a newly drawn district that will be more friendly to his extreme TEA Party antics. And he is apparently in trouble.
So much trouble that he has opened a disturbing can of worms that can only blow up in his face – and that mixed metaphor is truly yucky when you think about it.
Adam West has a new ad that shows where his political opponent was the night he was considering a deployment to the battlefield back when he was an officer in the US military. While he was there on his base contemplating a year in harm’s way, his opponent, Patrick Murphy, who was 19 years old at the time and still doing young foolish things, was busy getting a mug shot of himself taken for being drunk and disorderly at a South Beach nightclub.
Saying…what? Saying that Alan West has the moral high ground in going to war while his opponent was going to the slammer all those years ago?
Opening up the can of worms, and it is a big can of worms, about the story that led to the end of West’s military career.
That is, who has the higher moral ground, a drunk 19 year old or a mid-rank soldier in Iraq who took out his pistol and fired it next to the ear of a prisoner in an effort to extract information? Who has the advantage of an upstanding moral character, a 19-year old inebriate, or a middle aged middle ranked soldier guilty of torture on the battlefield?
And the real beauty of this is that Adam West himself broached the conversation. He brought it up. Now let him try and finish it while still standing up.


Rhymes With Right said...

Yeah, who has the moral high ground -- a drunk 19-year-old or a military officer who saved the lives of his soldiers (at the cost of his own career) without harming the terrorist from whom he got the information? Most Americans believe West deserved a medal for his actions.

You know, especially since the opponent has run a racist ad depicting West as beating up women.

Hal said...

No way! Adam West beats women? If you say so Greg, but you have to admit where there's smoke there's fire. Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

most americans are appulled that he didn't go to jail

Hal said...

You mean about how he beats women? Yeah, me too.