Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Ubiquitous Obama

Thanks Clint Eastwood for the grand idea.
Clint Eastwood has given Democrats across the nation a grand idea, and here it is. President Obama is our standard bearer so when he shows up to one of our rallies it becomes a festival. But unfortunately, there is only one Barack Obama and despite the fact that he has a 747 and Marine helicopters at his beck and call, he cannot physically be everywhere all the time.
So this is where Clint Eastwood’s idea comes in.
Rather than have the big man here and there at some rallies and not at most of the others, all we Democrats need to do is to remember to bring an empty chair and place it on the dais along with all the speakers.
Every single ad or flyer for the event can then feature President Obama as one of the featured guests.
My guess, though, is that when President Obama attends our rallies in an empty chair, he will refrain from uttering the obscenities that he loosed at the Republican convention.
Now in all seriousness, I am still at a loss how or why Clint Eastwood's 11 minute spot happened on prime time at the end of the Republican convention. How did they possibly think that letting this guy on stage was a good idea. Was it his Chrysler ad for the Super Bowl? Is that it? Don't they ever watch SNL? Eastwood got reamed at SNL for that one. Just wait and see what they do to him this time.



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